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Accept no limits. Reject alternatives. Welcome Infinity.

The Infinity kitchen from Cococucine is the ultimate in individuality, quality and luxury. Created exclusively for those to whom limits do not apply.

Conceived from a powerful partnership with renowned Italian craftsmen, each kitchen is individually designed to meet your precise requirements. There are no standard cabinet sizes or configurations, every element is completely bespoke.

Infinity features high quality stained and lacquered cabinetry which, together with the highest quality fittings available in the world, combine to form a product of exceptional style and beauty that will grace homes of distinction for many years.

Doors and fronts can be finished in matt or gloss lacquer in any colour you can imagine, or in any real wood veneer. We also offer fronts in natural stone, or in a striking range of quartz and ceramic materials.

Our stonework is produced by Italian artisans who are at the absolute pinnacle of their trade. They have many years’ experience crafting top quality stone door and drawer fronts, worktops and sinks for bespoke kitchens, as well as stonework for bathrooms and other areas of the home.

It takes time to create art worth keeping. The time taken to design, create, plan and install a kitchen of this quality and finish is considerable. As such, we can only accept commissions for six Infinity kitchens per year and it’s imperative you contact us early to book your place and avoid disappointment.

If you are looking for something truly exceptional, make an appointment now to view our Infinity collection and see how Cococucine can enhance your home.

The future of kitchens is here.

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